No Glass with all the Class

cabana door

CD90 Cabana Door

Finish Your Space

Meet the door that completes your transformation. It’s light, airy, and modern. And it is built to last.

    Custom-made to fit your space with single- or double-door options
    Select from a Vertical 4-Track or a Lip Frame insert
    A versatile design that provides either inswing or out-swing functionality
    Each vent in the Vertical 4-Track insert can be tilted in and removed in seconds for easy cleaning
    Protects your furniture by eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays
    If the vinyl is impacted, it will return to its original shape in minutes
    Provides a barrier against outdoor pests
    Allows you to select your level of privacy with various tints

Cabana Door Hinge and Swing

All doors are viewed from the direction of swing.


Double Door Hinge and Swing

double swing diagram

Inactive panels would swing open in the same direction of the active panel when the flush bolts on the astragal are unlocked.

Installation Instructions